Package Dimensions‏:‎ 7.48 x 4.37 x 1.26 inches; 3.53 ounces Manufacturer‏:‎ Kiyo Matcha ASIN‏:‎ B0C94WFXXT Country of Origin‏:‎ Japan
Brand Kiyo Matcha Item Form Powder Flavor Classic Grade Tea Variety Matcha Unit Count 3.52 Ounce
Best Value for Money - Kiyo"s Classic Grade matcha is an excellent value for your money, striving to offer the best quality in its price range. Our goal is to make high-quality ceremonial grade Japanese matcha accessible and affordable to everyone, especially beginners. Try Kiyo Classic Grade for a rich and healthy matcha experience without breaking the bank. Perfect for Beginners - Balanced, Smooth and Versatile. Kiyo Matcha Classic Grade is an entry-level grade for beginners to appreciate basic tasting notes of matcha: umami, bitterness and astringency. This is a versatile blend for latte, cold brew and usucha. Made in Small Batches from Japan"s Domestic Market: Kiyo Matcha is carefully crafted in small batches, ensuring exceptional quality and freshness. We source our matcha from Japan"s domestic market, where strict production methods and best practices are rigorously enforced. 100% Pure Japanese Matcha from Uji, Japan - Uji is renowned for their matcha as it possesses the ultimate terroir for matcha cultivation due to its unique agro-climatic conditions. Legacy of Craftsmanship - Kiyo’s Uji matcha is better because we have to be - our farmers have a powerful legacy of craftsmanship and a prodigious reputation to uphold. Generations of farmers have worked on the same land with the same goal in mind - growing the best matcha. Fresh Shade-Grown First Harvest Leaves - We identify the youngest and greenest leaves, hand-picked then steamed in less than a day after it is harvested. After air-drying, de-stemmed and deveined, they are ground into bright green powder using a traditional stone mill. Sealed in an airtight bag and pull-top screw can, you can enjoy fresh and high quality Japanese matcha in America. Antioxidant-packed Superfood - Made from the same plant as green tea but consumed whole instead of steeping in water, the concentration of nutrients ingested are many times higher.

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