TEAZEN Kombucha Mulled Wine Flavor Variety Pack, Mulled Wine Tea Drink Mix 10 Sticks & 30 Sticks (40 Sticks)

  • PORTABLE & SOLUBLE: Just drop one TEAZEN Kombucha packet to cold or hot water (about 8.5oz (250ml) and mix. TEAZEN Kombucha dissolves in 3 seconds. Very simple and convenient to easily get into the habit of drinking Kombucha.
  • ONLY 17 CALORIES: Only 17kcal per packet. TEAZEN Kombucha also has the fizzy sensation similar to carbonated beverages but without any sugar.
  • PROMOTES FOOD BREAKDOWN: Through live lactic acid bacteria, TEAZEN Kombucha provides additional support to break down food easily even with a single drink.
  • A great gift idea appropriate for any holiday event such as Mother"s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.
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