Item Weight‏:‎ 2.5 Pounds UPC‏:‎ 758236578632 Manufacturer‏:‎ Yamamoto Kanpo ASIN‏:‎ B0CH3PKNF1 Country of Origin‏:‎ Japan
Brand Haul Unit Count 5.00 Count Number of Items 5
Strawberry-Infused Tea: Queue Mignonne Tea Strawberry brings the luscious flavor of ripe strawberries to your teacup, creating a sweet and fruity symphony. Natural Flavor: Crafted with natural strawberry flavor, this tea ensures an authentic and aromatic taste that resonates with the essence of fresh-picked strawberries. Fruit-Flavored Tea: Indulge in the delightful fusion of tea leaves and the vivacious taste of strawberries, transforming your tea break into a fruity paradise. Delicious and Aromatic: Each sip promises a sweet and aromatic journey, making Queue Mignonne Tea Strawberry a delightful addition to your tea collection.

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